Chatr Mobile - Chatr Swagr
Integrated Brand Campaign
We moved from the funnel to a consumer journey approach. We introduced Chatr’s first ‘brand’ layer to the market which has given the brand a clearer, more relatable and approachable persona. Consumers are beginning to see more than what Chatr has to offer, but who Chatr is. This is providing an opportunity for (positive) brand recall.
Batiste - Brand Spot
Broadcast spot for Batiste Canada in collaboration with Batiste UK.
Batiste challenge was to stay top of mind in the current market of dry shampoos in Canada and with many competitors releasing new formulas from dry shampoo. Showing the array of products and versatility of Batiste was key.
Trojan - &Chill
Digital Campaign for &Chill Feature Film
A collection of pieces created for Trojan Canada. Starting with a 48 minute film available on Youtube created to not be watched. Yes, that’s right; with a title like &Chill, this film was designed to create the perfect ambiance for individuals wanting to skip the netflix and go straight to the chill. With sexual health studies, shameless product placement and quirky commentary, this unique project helps blur the line between advertisement and entertainment.
Trojan - All the Feels
Product Pack Launch
The new variety pack from the Trojan condom line up had to be launched in a way that integrated all the different types of people in their scope of consumers. We used a very distinctive object that surely captured our audience and made everyone feel included.
Trojan - Vibrations New Pack
Social posts to ring in the new year and reveal the new look of vibrations.
For the New Year Trojan wanted to ring it the good feels with their release of the new packaging of the vibrations line up. We paired new year resolutions with our newly improved look.
Nair - Natural Origins
Social Media Campaign
This idea plays with the direct focus that Nair SKUs are derived from natural ingredients. We wanted to extend that visual directly from the pack shots, each enhancing on their specific ingredients and bringing forward a natural environment in the background.
The Mobile Shop - Back To School
Seasonal promotional campaign
A cross-Canada campaign to kick off back to school deals for The Mobile Shop executed creatively through visual cues inspired by nostalgic teacher stickers. Unified in-store kioks, flyers, CRM emails, mobile & web banners, and social media posts were created to help reinforce the idea that The Mobile Shop is here to validate your back to school purchases (especially phones).
Anusol - Bums
Social Campaign Extension
Following this success of their TV spot, Anusol new challenge was to adapt and expand their spot beyond TV screens and move into a more digital space, using social media as their new medium to extend their communication channel in Canada.
Winners - Ready, Set, Gone!
Full Extension Campaign - Awarded 1st Place Winner
Our challenge was to get young individuals age 18 - 25 to connect with Winners current "Finders Keeper" campaign and position Winners as top of mind by appealing to their unique generational style and sense of FOMO.
Häagen-Dazs - You & Häagan-Dazs
Social Media Campaign
Häagen-Dazs positions itself as a premium ice cream brand, but has started to feel unapproachable and unattainable, especially with the rise of new brands entering the market. Millennials think Häagen-Dazs is something their mum would buy.
Curio by Hilton - The Best Kept Secret
Extensive Campaign
Boomers are an open-minded and curious audience. When it comes to travelling, they love to experience new cultures authentically. Curio needs to re-position themselves to become the destination for these curious travelers.
Durex - Transparency
Campaign case study - 2019 D&AD New Blood Awards Competition
Our challenge was to get Durex to be the contender of sexual conventions that are holding people age 16 to 24 back from the sex they deserve. While helping Durex champion a world of real sex for everyone.
Burger King - #FlamedByTheKing
Campaign case study - 2018 D&AD New Blood Awards Competition
Our challenge was to turn the next generation into flame-grill purists with a big, bold idea that takes home one message: BECAUSE FIRE IS BETTER.
Trillium Gift of Life Network - Line 1637
Earn Media Campaign
Lack of consent is the primary reason in the decline of donation opportunities from potential donors. By 2018/2019, Ontario’s consent rate for organ donation will be 61 percent. To increase this number, awareness to the importance of organ donation consent is a must.
PFLAG Canada
Non-profit advertising campaign
Art Direction, Advertising, Copywriting
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