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I’m Sabino Lops – Art Director based in Toronto, born in Venezuela, lived in Italy and raised in Florida.
As an Art Director, my identity is driven by design, marketing, media and art. Through these channels, I’m always aiming to come up with ideas for creative solutions that generate an impact. My personality and approach to work is defined by my unique blend of culture, travel and curiosity.
Communication, leadership, teamwork and self-confidence are my core values. With a passion for design and creativity, and an insatiable mind for new and fresh ideas. I continue to learn from every experience that enriches my creative vision.
I have been recognized in a Canadian and International level for previous work:
- Winning 1 GOLD - Best Broadcast Engagement & 2 Silver - Brand Content & Digital Brand Experience in the 2021 Atomic Awards.
- Winning 1 SILVER - 2021 Clio Awards.
If you like my work and would love to collaborate in future projects or learn more about myself, get in touch with me!
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