Concept Overview:
In the whirlwind days of early parenthood, there’s a universal desire for support and reassurance. Skip’s Sweet Lullaby embraces this sentiment by harnessing the timeless power of the lullaby, providing the comfort new parents crave more than anything else. The piece was crafted to not only acknowledge those unspoken needs of parents but to underscore the invaluable assistance Skip provides along the sometimes challenging journey of parenthood.
Design Inspiration:
The design draws inspiration from the warmth and nostalgia evoked by hand-drawn illustrations while capturing the essence of the tender moments of parenthood. The style pays homage to classic storybooks and fairy tales, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where simplicity and sincerity reign supreme.
At the heart of the execution lies a captivating lullaby, meticulously crafted to soothe parents. Through heartfelt lyrics, we highlight the everyday challenges parents face while offering a beacon of hope and solidarity. The hand-drawn illustrations serve as visual companions to the lullaby, bringing to life the useful items Skip delivers to help lighten the load.
Illustrator: Sabino Lops
Art Direction: Sabino Lops
Copywriters: Natalie Antaya
Creative Director: Mirko Greenwood
Accounts Team: Jaqueline Carvalho, Tamara Grunberger & Nicolas Rouleau
Print Producer: Jamie Demumbreum

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